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      Technical Support
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      Original equipment lamps
      Original lamp + original housing + original brand packaging.

      Original with housing
      Original lamp + supporting housing + neutral packing

      Compatible with housing
      High quality lamp + High quality housing + neutral packing

      Original bare lamp
      PHILIPS, OSRAM, USHIO, Iwasaki, Phoenix or the Panasonic original lamp

      Compatible bare lamp

      The generic bare lamp is a non-original lamp. However, our compatible lamp is assembled with best burner and ISHIKI reflector, the top quality of compatible lamps in market. Of course the price is very attractive.

      Delivery and freight?

      The projector lamp is generally shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx and other courier. To be delivered within approximately 2-7 working days.

      Disused bulb treatment
      Tip: Most of the projector lamp contains a large number of high-pressure pump, poses great risk to the environment and human handling of exhaust gas bulb, please contact the local environmental protection departments